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  1. In-game name: [くたばれ]-Demon-[RO] Date of ban: 06.09.2019 Admin who banned you: Coolstream Reason for your ban: scripthook bypass ???? (Coolstream edit: "Cheating / Scripthook bypass") Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam Why should you be unbanned: I had a conversation with Coolstream about that, and I am sincerly sorry for what I did but it's not a scripthook bypass it's not an exploit either... It's just a mistake of who did the setup of the vMenu, and it's a problem of vMenu and GTA source codes. I told Coolstream what was that about in hope of an action for it's solution.... I just want to play on the server because I need a stress release from work and I want a game that doesn't make you grind for variety. I regret what I did and that's the reason I am willing to cooperate on future discovery of bugs exploits or just simple vMenu problems.
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