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    Ingame name: iDragonash Player's ingame name: Piloten Platform: FiveM Freeroam Date: 24-08-2019 Reason: Piloten says to us ''Fuck off Barking rats'' We didnt saw this as a joke, and he didnt said it was a joke Evidence: Look in the chatlog, I cant do that.
  2. Ingame name: iDragonash&Erik Date of ban: 24-08-2019 Admin Who banned us: Piloten Reason: We "insulted'' Him Platform: FiveM Freeroam Reason we should be unbanned: He insulted us at first ( we didnt knew it was a joke, and he didnt said it was a joke). So we either should be unbanned or he deserves a 30 day ban aswell, while his insult was way worse than ours, For saying he behaves like a dick, not saying he is a dick.Â
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