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  1. im sorry, it wasnt meant to you i never realized it was you i thought i quoted mattiÂ
  2. Yes i told you to slow down, but you kept on ramming me and others so i decided to kick you and you join back, then the next day all i see is people reporting you for that exact reason and i spectated you ALOT and you were ramming players on purpose. you should’ve seen that kick as a major warning and calmed down with your multipliers. The ban wasn’t because of what you did the day i banned you, it was for everything the day before the ban and that day in total.Â
  3. by the way you were acting yesterday that does not seem legit and not trust worthy, you were ramming EVERYONE and driving into gas stations and also ramming me e60xo and 2jake so its a NOÂ Â
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