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  1. Radicchio


    ok thanks for your support, I never thought that spawning a jet was against the rules, I learned the lesson.
  2. Radicchio


    In-Game Name: Radicchio Date of ban: 1/17/2020 Ban expiration date: permanent Admin who banned you: Melkx Platform: Freeroam server Discord name: Fede#1850 Why were you banned: Spam PMing Head Admins instead of making a ban appeal (copied and pasted it) Why should you be unbanned: Honestly idk, I didn't killed nobody, never wrote a single word in the chat and never bothered anyone so... I think he got angry when we was doing a car meet and I accidentally spawned a F-35, but I instantly spawned a BMW M6 and that's all, I don't have any other explanation. Evidence:
  3. Radicchio


    As you may remember I got banned until 01/02/2020, now I try to hop on Gamesense to have some fun and what do I see? I got PERMABANNED for what?! I waited for my ban to expire and the next thing I see is that i got banned permanently. Can you please tell me what problems do you guys have against me? I never did something that bad to be banned forever. Oh and my man Melkx keep on lying only because he has the power here, he wrote that I never did a ban appeal (I actually did so) and I asked only one time in dm on Discord for more information, he was acting salty and angry when I only asked for some infos saying that I don't have to bother him anymore or I would have been banned for more time, and in fact I didn't write him anymore so why would you do that to me? Honestly I was a loyal player of this server and I think that you guys aren't acting professionally by treating me like this. I followed the instructions and waited for my ban to expire, there are no reason to ban me like that. Thanks to whoever is going to respond.
  4. Radicchio


    It's always to get banned for nothing and seeing on the ban alert things that I never did. If you're a moderator you should be the humblest, not writing lies just to ban someone. Honestly you're pathetic.
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