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    Denied. - Copy pasted from your friend - Not following the new updated format. Always read the "Read before posting" before posting.
  2. Piloten

    Ban appeals

    Why should we unban you?
  3. Piloten

    Ban appeals

    Denied. - You did not follow the ban appeal format. You can find the format here:
  4. Piloten

    2017 BMW M760Li

    Declined. - We already have a BMW 7-series of this variety on the server.
  5. Declined. - We already have an AMG C63 on the server of this year model.
  6. Declined. Not following the format.
  7. Declined. - We don't allow a bunch of foreign police cars.
  8. Piloten

    BMW E60 Politia

    Declined. - We already have this vehicle on the server as a regular car. - We won't allow a bunch of random police cars from different countries.
  9. Ooo I like it, really clean looking mod
  10. Hedman enjoying raping some psynet players in snowday hehe
  11. Freeroam Server Requests Here you can request anything you'd like for our Freeroam server. If it's a mod, please fill out the form which can be found further down this thread. Each mod you request has to be unique, you are not allowed to copy paste your own, or someone else's and paste several different posts this way. Any attempt to false information or cheating, will get your request declined automatically. Take time into your request. When requesting a mod, your title should be the full vehicle name. Emergency vehicles are not accepted. If you are req
  12. Staff Team Roster Upper Administration Team Head Administrators Piloten Coolstream Melkerx Lead Administrators RunStar Vignjevic General Administration Team Senior Administrators kelq 2jake Administrators Frozencure TRAVIS SCOTT HiddenMoon Flowyy niox (Trial Admin) mar$ (Trial Admin) UncleV (Trial Admin)
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