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  1. Declined - Not following the format.
  2. Piloten

    Ban Appeal

    @SlaySushi Your ban appeal has been accepted. You're unbanned, and able to log back in on our servers again. Ban Appeal Closed.
  3. Piloten

    Ban Appeal

    Reason for your ban: When i was banned i wasn't given a reason i was just given a link where to apply so i have no idea... http://prntscr.com/pi0nr4 You must have been banned for a reason. @iLwS will take this appeal.
  4. Declined. - It hasn't been above 72 hours since your last request. Now you need to wait another 72 hours from this post.
  5. Declined. - It hasn't been above 72 hours since your last request. Now you need to wait another 72 hours from this post.
  6. Appeal Denied For the following reasons: Lying on your appeal, telling us that the person you rammed into said it was fine, when it wasn't. Not putting enough effort into your ban appeal. You never stated an obvious reason why you were wrongly banned, or why we should unban you. The original ban stays, 3 days from your original ban date. Be aware that lying on your appeal may cause us into actually extending your ban for a even longer period. Next time be more careful.
  7. You know that? Then why are you saying he was fine with you ramming him? Didn't lie? I just provided screenshot proof above. You said he was fine with you ramming him, which would of changed the situation. But he wasn't, so you lied.
  8. @MagicalPancake Now you are straight up lying.
  9. So you realize that you were ramming him in-game, even agreed to it. Why should we unban you for being a new player that "don't know the rules" then?
  10. @MagicalPancake I didn't say I was going to unban you. I said I'm willing to do it, that means I'll consider it. If I wasn't willing to do it, your appeal would be instantly declined. I told you to read the rules so you don't break them again in the future, good thing that you did. Now I can take the next course of action, which will be speaking to Melkerx. I need to hear his side of it before I do anything. Don't take an unban for granted, it might change the entire outcome.
  11. @MagicalPancake Greetings, I'll be taking your appeal. There are a few things that I'm going to clear up for you. The person that banned you is @Melkerx Admins are not required to issue a warning before banning, we have the right to ban someone directly if we feel like it was severe enough to do so. I understand that you are a new player on our community, but when you first join the server you are prompted with several pages that guides you through our rules, and other information. It is stated that you should read up on our rules before playing, you were banned for breaking server
  12. Staff Member Report Information Introducing our new staff report function. If a Moderator, Administrator or any other type of staff member has done something against our rules, like abused their powers or any other major issue that you think they deserve to be punished for. This is where you can report them. Please note that we take staff reports very seriously. Wrongly reporting someone without proper reasoning, may cause us to take a punishable action against you. Only Senior Administrators and the Upper Administration Team are able to view staff reports. This mean
  13. Update (v2.1.0) | October 1st 2019  Greetings everyone, we will now begin posting updates in this forum section from now on. We have made quite a few changes in this past update. We have removed NoClip, and limited the vehicle multipliers due to several players abusing it. We've also added the Handling Editor back on our Freeroam & Chill server, while fixed some bug issues on our Racing server. You're all free to comment and ask about what you think about these changes, and what you would like to see happen in the future. Changes The Handling Editor has been added
  14. Piloten

    Non-stop killing

    Next time, make a forum user. Approved
  15. Denied. @SRT_Demon Any form of cheating on our platform, bug exploiting, script abusing or similar things will cause an instant permanent ban without the possibility of appeal. You will never be unbanned, please do not make more appeals in the future. You are permanently banned from our community. I wish you good luck on your future endeavours.
  16. Hi, I'll be taking your appeal. Just to clarify, you logged off before I could ban you as well. Coolstream only applied the offline ban since I was busy. So technically I am the admin who banned you. Now that we got all of that out of the way, I'll be sending a link to another appeal where I address both you and your friend. You were not as bad as your friend, and you haven't been private messaging me on every platform there is, unlike your friend. iDragonash has been messaging and harrassing me in private messages on both Discord and the Forums, plus what he did in-game was a
  17. Hi, I will be taking your appeal. First off, this appeal is only valid for @iDragonash. @Erik needs to make his own. I will begin from the start, you've both broken several rules. For starters, you're both caught speaking another language on our platform than English, which is strictly foribben, often punished by a longer ban by just itself. Proof: Now, I could go on even longer about logs where I found both of you not speaking English. At this point, you've both already broken a severe server rule, which I mentioned earlier is more than bannable by just itself on
  18. This is just a microscoping picture?
  19. Don't speak a foreign language again, this server is strictly English-only. Accepted
  20. Please use the format. Declined
  21. No reply, today is also the unban date. Closing and locking this appeal.
  22. You're only on a 3-day ban, why do you think you deserve to decrease it? @Vito Scaletta
  23. Greetings @Vito Scaletta I'll be handling your ban appeal, and before we begin there's a few things I'm going to state just for public record that aren't mentioned here. First of all, Anticide is a Head Administrator on a hidden account. I will not mention who it is. I looked up your ban, and noticed that this isn't a permanent ban. Now you can still appeal a ban that isn't permanent of course, so for example if you were banned for 2 weeks, you can appeal it and have it removed for whatever reason. Your ban expires on 2019-07-17, 21:30 CEST I spoke with the banning admin, a
  24. Piloten

    I'm sorry

    You'll be unbanned tonight, don't fuck up again. @kistonesz
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