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    @IronMakis You're not even bothering explaining your own situation properly to me. You've taken no efforts into making a proper appeal, and this is your second time getting permanently banned. You're also extremely phalenx, and constantly argue with staff members. Due to all of the reasons above, I'm going to decline your ban appeal. I'll allow you to make another ban appeal in three months from this verdict, that means you can make another appeal in November. However, if you attempt to make another appeal before November - I will permanently ban you from our forums and di
  2. Piloten


    Hello @IronMakis Since Matt is away for the moment, I'll be taking your appeal instead. I haven't had the chance to speak with @Matt yet (your banning admin), so I don't know the full context of your situation. However, you haven't really given me much information to go on here. You didn't really put much effort into your ban appeal, could you try to explain with more detail about what happened? And also, why would you make the appeal now - 3 months after your ban?
  3. Piloten


    @Crzy4u I unbanned you on Discord now
  4. Major Update (v3.0.0) | July 16th 2020 It's time for another update! Due to extremely high activity and constant high server queues, we've decided to open up another Gamesense Freeroam & Chill server. This is basically a replica of the current freeroam server, but does also come with a few minor changes. What's Different? Instead of using real life time (currently set to european standard on main server), we will be using the standard timecycle of GTA Online. Note that the main server will stay unchanged, this is only for the new server. Minor updat
  5. Staff Update - June 2020 It's been a while since we've done one of these staff updates, we will begin to push these updates every single month. These updates will be showing everyone who was demoted, promoted, or added into our staff roster since the previous update. This update will only show into June so far, as it's been too long since our last staff update. Thanks to everyone who applied to become a staff member, only a very few got selected this time. For those who didn't make it this time, feel free to try again next time! With this update, we will be closing dow
  6. Official Partnership With Today I am pleased to announce that we will be partnering up with another GTA:V community called OwlGaming! OwlGaming is a roleplaying server based on the Rage:MP platform. They are heavily customized with their own scripts and features, and will feel very different to play on compared to our own server here at Gamesense. Why are we partnering up? In the past years, Gamesense have become more and more advanced in the free roaming scene, making our server one of the most successful and unique. For example, we have over the years
  7. The rules of Gamesense §1. Common Courtesy Be respectful to fellow community members, think about the things you say and do. A simple way to explain this rule is "treat others how you expect to be treated." We will not tolerate abusive behavior towards any member of our community. This especially applies to our staff team as we are here to help you. If someone is attempting to disrupt your gameplay, you may ignore them, however if it is a member of staff that is attempting to contact you then you must respond. Refusing to do so will result in punishment depending on the seve
  8. Piloten


    You put absolutely zero effort into this appeal. Why should we unban you? @Heffe
  9. Ban Appeal Form We've gotten rid of the old format! All you need to do now is click the button on the page that says "NEW APPLICATION" in the ban appeal section and fill out the details. This should make it less confusing for everyone, and a lot simpler! You can also click HERE to appeal your ban.
  10. @kirbash Why are you taking this up here in the support section? This is for when people need help with something. You've already made a ban appeal, and a staff report. There is nothing more to be done here until those get answered. Stay clear of irrelevant threads.
  11. Piloten


    Declined. Banned for life, without the possibility of ever appealing.
  12. Piloten


    Greetings @SH4ZAM I'll be taking your appeal. I'll just get right into business, and tell you that your reasoning and appeal in general is too lacking for us to consider unbanning you. You've not really given us any valid reasons. I'll give you a chance to reply to this with a longer and proper reasoning to as of why you should be unbanned.
  13. Piloten

    Ban appeal

    @BULBOUS Appeal closed, your ban has already expired. You can log on and play.
  14. Hi @venomousclaw12 I was going to explain why you were suspected of bug abusing and cheating, but now another Head Administrator, Coolstream caught you on another account. Ban evading on another account is illegal, and is punished with a permanent ban. If you try to join on more accounts, we will ban those as well. We have your IP, hardware ID, steam ID and Rockstar Serial number. You shouldn't have ban evaded before getting your appeal accepted. Final Verdict Declined - Caught using another account to play on our servers while you were banned. You are now permane
  15. Piloten

    Ban appeal

    @cargador2 I'll be taking your appeal. I've spoken with the admin that banned you and have decided to unban you. If we see ramps spawning around you again, and you not letting us know about it in a hidden /report right away we will ban you again. Final summary of this appeal: Accepted You have been unbanned and can now log on our servers again
  16. @george bush I've discussed this ban appeal with the other Upper Administration Team members as well. Due to some of these reasons: Come into our Discord channel with the intention of talking about things you were told not to talk about, calling us immature for trying to explain things to you, taking up energy from both staff members and players, not seeming to even understand what you've done wrong, your no sense of remorse for anything and your recent account history. We've decided that you will stay permanently banned from our community. Letting you play on our servers a
  17. Greetings @george bush I'll be addressing a few things here. You claim to not know why you were banned, but in the screenshot you posted yourself you can see how many times you were killing Chiga over and over, racist slurs and harrassing players, swearing at other players and being generally rude towards people for no reason at all. You also have an extensive bad history on your account as it is already. Here is a screenshot of your current history: Your ban reason also states: "List longer than I can summarize, changed to perma by Coolstream after continued discussion
  18. Update (v2.2.0) | October 18th 2019  Hello once again. We've added a lot of new vehicles in this update, and some new features. There's also been some big changes internally for our staff members. New Features Added a Staff Report feature on the forums, more information can be found HERE. Added an in-game report function, type /report then your message to make a report to the administrators hidden from other players.  Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where some people couldn't register new users on the forums.  Added Vehicles
  19. @george bush Now you can see why you were banned. This should answer your question. Closing and archiving this now, make an appeal if you wish.
  20. Greetings @george bush I just checked up your account history, and I found this: Seems like you have quite a valid reason to be banned, if you'd like to appeal your ban you can always read up on how to do it here: @[email protected]@Deasana Are the three admins that have taken the most actions against your account in the past, I'm sure they have something to add here as well.
  21. @Duck I will accept your appeal with a 3 day reduced ban, this means you will be able to log on and play in the upcoming weekend. Do NOT private message staff members again about issues that you can resolve on the forums. This goes for staff reports, ban appeals, mod requests, etc. Our administrators are not your personal servants, if you have any future complaints about a staff member please read our Staff Report topic and fill out a simple report. There you can report any moderator or administrator if you believe they have broken any server rules, abused their position or any o
  22. Piloten

    Ban appeal

    Accepted @GastasLTU I had to instantly ban you when you blew air into the microphone so loudly that my headset started sparkling from the distorted audio. I got several other complaints about it as well. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since you are a new player. Don't do that again, you will not be unbanned for the same thing again. Ban appeal accepted. You are now unbanned, and should be able to log on our servers. - Head Administrator Piloten
  23. Hi @Duck I'll be handling your ban appeal. First of all, you've got a really bad account history with several bans, kicks and warnings on record. You're actually one of our main and biggest server rule breakers. You've also been messaging Head Admins daily with constant spam, complaining against other admins instead of using the Staff Report feature. I even made a specific announcement about this tagging everyone. Here is also just a little bit of how you act in PMs: You are too lazy to log on the forums and fill out a simple staff report, instead choosin
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