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  2. Declined - We'll see in a few more months.
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  4. Meh, my opinion on this guy is not a really good one i had issues with him in the past, lately he is not active last time he joined was last month but let's say maybe he is in vacation and that's ok. Not sure about the fact that he is a part of gamesense since 2019, his profile says he first joined in February 2020. He has 6 days playtime if he first joined in February and now is July it's a real short playtime in my opinion considered the ton of issues we had with him in the past notes, kicks and stuff maybe he changed and is more responsible but I truly doubt that. If that's the only account he played on means he tried applying thinking what can possibly go wrong, maybe it's just my impression but from me is a: NO
  5. @Matt Gonna leave the decision up to you then
  6. No clue, haven't been active in the past weeks, I guess you can give him a chance if you want to, but his record is pretty shit.
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  8. Declined - Gauge has a texture issue, taillight is white
  9. Declined - Same issue as last time it was requested. Headlights doesn't pop up.
  10. Declined - File size / Doesn't spawn ingame
  11. Coolstream

    Peugeot 406

    Declined - Lights doesn't work.
  12. Declined - Model itself is so low to the ground that it can't drive without scraping. Driver is nowhere close to the actual seat.
  13. Declined - As mentioned on the mod page, the dials are bugged / using the wrong texture. The rear indicators are also flipped.
  14. Declined - This car is not tuneable, it's a separate model
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